Banjo 2 Inch FP Manifold Flow Meter p/n: GGMFM220

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Banjo 2" FP Manifold Flow Meter

• Displays overall total volume & batch total volume • Flow rate allows for Gallons or Liters Per Minute. • The display reads 6 digits for Rate, 8 digits for Total and 1 decimal place reading in tenths. • Magnetic style meter with 316 stainless steel electrodes • Self calibrating meter • Measures water and most conductive liquids. • Easy to change six (6) AA batteries. • No moving parts to fail during use. • Glass-reinforced polypropylene. • Temperature range from 0º F to 150º F. • Accuracy is 99% from 2 to 110 GPM for 1". • Accuracy is 99% from 6 to 300 GPM for 2". • Accuracy is 99% from 14 to 670 GPM for 3". • There are 3 photoeyes located on the face of the flowmeter. • 150 max PSI Note: These are not push buttons; to activate you must hold your finger over the photoeye for 2-4 seconds. *Will not read petroleum based liquids.