Fert Lance Root Feeder with Cup Shield Tip Assembly P/N: GGFA30383

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P/N: GGFA30383 Fert Lance TIP assembly: Includes Poly drench cup, welded tip and metal tube, compression fitting, spring, and spring retainers. Does not include: Aluminum outer tube, aluminum inner tube, collars, JD-9 adaptor, check valve, or JD-9 gun. We also supply all replacement parts for HD-8 root feeder : Click Here for Parts Schematic 1 - Gun adaptor 3 - Collar 1-1/2" 7 - Retainer Splash Shield 8 - Spring Retainer Bottom 9 - Spring Retainer Top 10 - O-ring to seal adaptor 13 - Surface Cup Feeder Shield 14 - Compression Spring 15 - Tip and Shaft 16 - Complete Compression Fitting 17 - Check Valve 3 PSI Brass 18 - Aluminum Inner Tube