G&G Injection pump Generation II P/N: GGIP2

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Generation II is an upgraded version of our G&G Injection pump. It offers all the same reliability and accuracy of our original pump. However, it has the added feature of an external flowmeter and pressure gauge for visual monitoring of flow rates. The Generation II is still priced at a savings of over 50% over competitive products. It also offers a small footprint making it perfect for installation on vehicles with limited space. G&G injection pumps are built with premium components, mounted and sealed in an airtight, waterproof container to prevent corrosion and pump motor failure due to chemical exposure. Flow can be quickly and easily set to your desired flow rate. Typical flow rates of 500ml/30s are achieved at 20-30psi and our pumps are rated for a maximum of 60psi. Installation, including removal of the old pump, takes less than 30mins. All of our injection pumps now include an inline strainer to protect your pump from debris. NOTE: This pump is designed for dual line injection feeding fluid through the 1/4 inch side of the hose. To use it with a larger hose size (single line), we now offer a Generation 3.3 that comes equipped with a 3.3 GPM Pump. Click here for more information. Also included is an inline 1/2 inch check valve. When installed properly at the reel it prevents pressure drop or contamination due to back flow. With check valve installed inline, our consistant flow is maintained.  Click here to view.

Our G&G Injection Pump can be installed on Lawnsharks, Rhinos, Inner City Trucks, and most other trucks in your fleet.