H25 to D10 Conversion Kit without pump (parts only) GGH25REPLACEMENTKIT

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GGH25REPLACEMENTKIT Replace your outdated H25 Hydracell pump with a less expensive, more flexible D10. This kit is parts only and does not include the pump. A great solution if you already have a D10 to use (assembly required). The kit includes the following parts:
  • Water Suction Hose 1-1/2” (2FT) P/N: GGHWRS1H
  • Kuri Tec Yellow High Pressure Spray Hose Cut to Length 3/4” (2FT) P/N: GGA166112
  • 25 BASE PLATE (1) P/N: GGD250251010
  • Banjo 1" flange x 1 1/2" 90 Degree Hose Barb Elbow (1) P/N: GGM100150BRB90
  • D10 Flange Seal (1) P/N: GG100G
  • D10 Flange Clamp FC100 (1) P/N: GGFC100
  • D10 Flange (1) P/N: GGM100MPT
  • Barb Elbow 90 degree 3/4" x 3/4" (Poly) (1) P/N: GGHB07590
  • D10 Pump Pulley Bushing (1) P/N: GGHX875