PermaGreen Triumph Ride On Spreader Sprayer P/N: GGT000711

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PermaGreen Triumph Ride On Spreader Sprayer 

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Great on residential – performs very well on 2,000 – 10,000 sq ft properties with its abilities to maneuver around landscaping, tree, and fit in 36” (refer to brochure for property size case study from lawn company that uses PermaGreens).

Great on hills and slopes – with its low profile and wheel weights, the Triumph grips the hillsides better than any other ride-on.

Spreads and Sprays an acre in 15 minutes – knock out your big properties much faster than walking - it’s a “one stop shop” for all your property sizes.

The spread and spray is mechanically regulated by the 3450 RPM so you know the product is going down right. Don’t have to worry about messing with any pressure gauges according to what speed you are traveling at.

Easy to use – with its mechanically regulated spray system and intuitive steering (like riding a bike) its easy to learn.

Sprays at 32 oz per 1000 sq ft.

Covers 48,000 per fill (12 gallons) – despite small size, the Triumph packs a punch.

Get less exposure to the product than walking applications – not walking through products, not spraying right at the hands.

Drop-Down Handlebars – allows the operator to walk behind the machine if need be. Good for tricky areas on a properties, loading up, and going over curbs.

15 bumper to bumper warranty, along with a 60 day buy back guarantee.

Carry Rack available for easy and compact transport option.

PermaGreen Agitator – The patened PermaGreen Agitator has fingers that go inside the hopper holes and breaks up any clumping and clogging you get with the granule. Prevents clogging and helps give the Triumph a fuller and more consistent spread.