The Ultimate Replacement Reel Kit complete Rhino P/N: GGULTIMATEREEL

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The Ultimate Replacement Reel Kit (complete Rhino)this is the last reel you will every have to buy..It is very heavy duty and you can still fit your 400ft of Dual line hose on it. This reel is made from 316 stainless steel which will hold up to any environment. This is not the factory thin metal outer plates this is made with the intent of being indestructible. If you are tired of trying to keep those old reels turning correctly, we invite you to give this a go. With our improved design you do not need to run leader hose anymore on the inside of the reel, instead you can connect the dual line right to the inside hose barbs for consent and accurate follow rates and pressures. Please see attached video for further details. this comes with: QTY2 Large outer disk QTY2 Small inner disks QTY1 Heavy duty Poly Drum QTY1 Hardware for gear and spacers QTY2 New spindles QTY2 Stainless Steel hose barbs for dual line injection