Thrustless™ Shutoff and Spray Wands GG38551

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Hudson X-Pert® Thrustless™ spray valve connects to your spray hose. Thrustless™ valve is made of heavy-duty brass; lever-actuated, retractable plunger won’t leak; Teflon® slide bearings and Viton® O-ring seat. Includes built-in 6 inch in-line strainer with 60-mesh nylon screen. Includes RF-8 Delavan® “raindrop” nozzle designed to reduce drift. Wands are made of heavy-duty brass.

38551 Thrustless™ Control Valve, Strainer, Brass Wand and Delavan RF-8 Nozzle Tip; and includes 15 psi CF Valve™ Pressure Regulator