UDOR ZETA 40P Pump - includes hardware for ZETA 40E replacement

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Manufacturer Description:
Three diaphragm poly pump (poly heads) with control unit with adjustable pressure regulator, manual dump lever, dual ball valve outlets & pressure gauge. ZETA-40P low pressure, 3-cylinder poly diaphragm pumps are excellent for various horticultural and agricultural spraying applications. These pumps are also very effective for mild chlorine and abrasive fluids. Simplicity of design and common parts allow easy and affordable maintenance. ZETA-40P and ZETA-85P pumps have anodized aluminum bodies, stainless steel valves, stainless steel diaphragm bolts, poly heads and poly manifolds. A control valve and pressure gauge are standard on both models. Features: Can Be Run Dry. Visual Oil Sight Gauges. Self-Priming Operation. Stainless Steel Check Valves. Large Capacity Oil Bath Crank Cases With Drain Plugs for Ease of Maintenance. Compatible with Most Fluids, Including: Liquid Fertilizers, Abrasive Materials, Suspension Products, Pesticides, De-Icing Materials and Other Hard To Handle Fluids. Adapt Easily To PTO, Gas Engine, Hydraulic And Belt Drive Applications. Maximum Fluid Temperature, 140° F. Custom Pumps Available To 200° F. Largest Selection of Flows, Pressures and Drive Options Available. Over 50 Years Of Diaphragm Pump Experience. One Piece Stainless Steel Diaphragm Bolts. Heavy Duty Pre-Formed Urethane Diaphragms.
Pump includes mounting brackets and fittings to replace ZETA 40E